On the 18th-20th of February 2022, we hosted the 2nd edition of the International Conference on Advanced Research in Management, Economics, and Accounting (ARMEA). We picked Milan, Italy to organize the event due to the city’s vibrant and inspiring atmosphere.

Virtual Session

Highlighted Speakers

Author Article title Affiliation
management conference Ms.Samaneh Raiss Shaghaghi Risk-based Audit in Commercial Banks of Iran university of Szeged, Hungary
management conference Prof. Dr.Badar Khalid Hakim Alshabibi What determine corporate board diligence: Evidence from Sultanate of Oman University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Oman
management conference Mrs.Lina, A. Stavrou Holistic leader: Discussing the emerging challenges University of Ioannina, Greece
management conference Prof. Dr.Noha Samir Shawal Mohamed Abouzeid The Impact of Digitalization on Tourism Sustainability: Comparative Study between Selected Developed and Developing Countries Helwan University, Egypt
management conference MSC.Oliver Kasele Bakuka Stock selection in emerging stock markets: Evidence from the East African Securities Exchange markets University of Mons, Belgium
management conference Dr.Hanan Shehata Amin Mohamed The Role of Digital Transformation in the Socio-Economic Recovery Post COVID-19 Helwan University, Egypt
management conference Prof. Dr.May Ibrahim Hassan Mohamed Acceleration of Digital Transformation of Education and its Impact on Economic Growth during COVID 19: A comparative study HELWAN University, Egypt
management conference Dr.Ahmed Mustafa Romouzy Ali Entrepreneurial Empathetic Management: A Design Thinking Conceptual Framework for Value Co-Creation within SMEs Egypt Japan University for Science and Technology, Egypt
management conference Mr.Róbert Dobó Influencing perceived employer brand under changing organizational structure University of Pécs; Budapest Business School, Hungary
management conference Mr.Sándor Erdős Measuring the relationship between herd behavior and the valuation of stocks with the reverse DCF model and the cross-sectional absolute deviation model University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics, Hungary
management conference Dr.Peagh Mahdavi Relationship between the Economic and Political Development and the International Trade Policies university of PAIA, Italy
management conference Mr.Lucky Otame The Social Security Benefits of Remittances and Households’ Consumption Post-Shocks Bournemouth University, UK
management conference MSC.Athanasios Davalas Towards a Taxonomy of Services Offered by Start-up Business Incubators University of the Aegean, Greece
management conference Dr.Abdallah Hasan Abdallah Alalawin Developing a Comprehensive Standard to ‎Evaluate the Warehouse’s ‎Efficacy, ‎Effectiveness and Performance ‎ The Hashemite University, Jordan
management conference Dr.Wafa’ Hasan Abdallah Alalaween A Grey-Relational-Based Type-1 Fuzzy ‎Logic Analysis for the Development of ‎a ‎Warehouse Assessment Scheme ‎ The University of Jordan‎
management conference Dr. Ioanna Dimitrakaki Firms Growth Strategies in Greece – the case of Kri Kri S.A. International Hellenic University of Greece
management conference Dr.Salam Qaddoori Dawood Al-Zubaidi A Holistic Framework Towards the Digital Adoption of Flexible Facility Layout Design University of Pisa, Italy
management conference Ms.Theodora Sotiropoulou Causality Relationships between financial development, economic growth and income inequality University of Patras, Greece
management conference Mrs.Neli Veleva Model for optimization and integration of the key factors influencing the effective planning of the production capacity of the industrial enterprise Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria
Conceptual model for selection of an expert team for determination of indicators influencing the effective planning and management of the production capacity
in the industrial enterprise
management conference Dr.Imad Jabbouri The determinants of working capital behavior: evidence from emerging markets Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco