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Highlighted Speakers

name Affliation Article title
management conference Dr.Maher Mahmoud Oqleh Nawasreh Jerash University, Jordan The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on the Person – Job Fit: The Mediating Role of Human Resource Agility at Jordanian Airline Companies
management conference Prof. Dr.Özgür Sarı Sinop University, Turkey Intergenerational Transformation in Vacation in Turkey
management conference Prof. Dr.Paulo Jorge Reis Mourão University of Minho, Portugal Drivers’ moves in Formula One Economics: a network analysis since 2000
management conference Prof. Dr.Mohammad Abdulmohsen Irshaid Al-Afeef Jerash university, Jordan Factors Effecting Capital Structure Analytical Study: Industry Sector, ASE
management conference Mr.Moustapha Badran University of Montpellier, France The impact of the subprime crisis on the determinants of firm’s capital structureAlternative financing policies during financial crisis
management conference Mr.Metib Alenezi The University of Manchester, UK The impact of risk and uncertainty on healthcare project delivery and its effect on intra-group conflict.
management conference Ms.Joanna Darwiche University of Montpellier, France The Internet globalization and the role of the exchange rate in Taylor-type monetary policy rules: The case of inflation targeting emerging markets
management conference Ms.Samaneh Raiss Shaghaghi University of szeged, Hungary Current anti-corruption Status in China
management conference Ms.Lisa Chase Lucky Fish Research & Communications, LLC/King’s College London, USA Follow the money to EU candidates’ energy efficiency: The role of EU central banks’ sustainable finance policies in motivating environmental performance in EU candidate states
management conference Ms.Azra Muratovic University of Finance and Administration Prague, Germany How can Banks in the EU achieve consolidation that would lead to higher profitability

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